Your Rack On Instagram

I’m an IG junkie.  I love looking at your hunting photograph on Instagram but I’m tired of your fake rack.  Even Joe Elliot would agree.

No,  I’m not talking about those racks.  😯 I’m talking about the big-bucks-of-Instagram racks, like this:

Big Bucks Gone Wild

I’ve seen so many now that I’ve become desensitized and the value of your big buck is meaningless.  Looking at big bucks really doesn’t do it for me.  I’m especially weary of the fake hybrid deer that have been cultivated on private preserves and high fence operations, and  while others may be “wild”,  they’ve been hidden away from other hunters on larges expanses of carefully controlled private ground for private purpose.

I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed by photos of these deer.  I’d rather see a 12 year old giving the thumbs up while hunched over a fork horn.

Just A Doe

Last winter after 33 years of hunting, I killed my first ever PA  late season archery doe and I was ecstatic over the achievement.  I floated the pic around to my peers on my FHN (Fall Hunting Network- a text group made up of hunting buddies that kicks off in October and fades away in January) and got a bunch of congratulations because the achievement was meaningful.  Posting the same pic on IG got only the slightest amount of recognition.  It was just another dude posing behind a dead doe. 😎

Late season doe
#lateseasondoe #notfake

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