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Yankee Hunter Playlist

The Yankee Hunter Playlist: Every song listed on the playlist has special meaning and is featured in a Yankee Hunter post. Enjoy-

Yankee Hunter Playlist

              1. KISS- Cold Gin:  One of my all time favorite KISS jams and the would be YH theme song.  I was obsessed with KISS as a young boy and my mom bought me a bunch of KISS 8-tracks.  I used to listen to them on my personal 8-track player.  At the time, I never knew or really understood the lyric ‘cold gin’.  I thought they were saying “cogen”.  It didn’t matter.
              2. Europe- The Final Countdown:  A leading song for any countdown list.
              3. When Doves Cry So, this is not Prince’s original version cuz Prince ain’t on Spotify.  This song is from the outstanding Purple Rain album.  Prince is an amazing guitarist.  We listened to this on the drive from PA to Illinois a bunch of times when I was 15 years old.
              4. Howard Jones- Conditioning:  My buddy Doug introduced me to Howard Jones back in ’85.  He dubbed Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action for me from his sister’s vinyl.  I almost wore those cassettes out.   Doug and I listened to Dream Into Action one time on a Walkman with a headphone splitter on the way back from an NSSA shoot in Winchester, VA in the open bed of his stepdad’s truck- in the rain- under a greasy tarp to keep dry.  Too bad Ho Jo is a vegan anti-hunter.  His loss, but I’m sure he would be proud to be featured on Yankee Hunter!
              5. Big Country- Big Country: From the album, Big Country.  (Very imagina those Big Country folks were).  A favorite 80’s jam.
              6. Duran Duran- Hungry Like The Wolf: A classic quintessential 80’s jam with perhaps one of the most groundbreaking and memorable videos of its time featuring the short choppy guitar riffs from Mr. Andy Taylor.  The video was on heavy rotation on MTV and I remember laying on the basement floor at my mom’s friend’s house one summer day circa 1983 (we were too cheap to have cable) watching it over and over.
              7. Smashing Pumpkins- Zero:  Billy Corgan got smokey with Neil Young in a tepee.  That’s what he told Howard Stern during their interview.  In the same interview, Billy also made the cocky statement that Smashing Pumpkins had more “quality songs” that Pearl Jam. “They don’t have ‘the songs’“, he said.
              8. Damn Yankees- Damn Yankees:  The first time I heard the Damn Yankees was when I was doing construction work for B&D Subcontractors in the basement of a newly constructed ranch-style house in Lake Meade. I was instructed to block-off loose mortar from the joints around the block foundation.  The DJ introduced Damn Yankees as “Ted Nugent’s new band” and the song was “Coming of Age”.
              9. Def Leppard- Photograph:  I saw Def Lep in concert with my son in August 2014.  They opened for KISS.  Joe Elliott struggled to stuff himself into his beached jeans.  The dude is showing his age but overall he sounded pretty good and they played loud as hell.
              10. The Rolling Stones- One Hit (To The Body):  The Rolling Stones are unquestionably the world’s greatest rock band.  Their catalog of songs is simply staggering.  What else can I say.  I got into The Stones in seventh grade and never looked back.
              11. The Band Perry- DONE I don’t even like The Band Perry- except maybe for that one song they had about dying young although it is really disturbing.
              12. Kansas- Carry On Wayward Son:  A classic 70’s rock song.  Kansas is the home of big whitetails, pheasants, quail, and Richard Christy’s dad.
              13. Ted Nugent- Dog Eat Dog:  The Whackmaster gone double live gonzo.  Ted is a guitar virtuoso.  Comedian and actor George Lopez stated that he didn’t love Ted’s politics, but he sure loved what Ted could do with a guitar!  George went on to state that his first cassette tape was Cat Scratch Fever.
              14. The Smiths- The Headmaster Ritual:  The fact that this song borders Ted Nugent amuses me but it was completely unplanned and unintentional.  Morrissey raised a stink about the TV show Duck Dynasty awhile back.  I knew about The Smiths album Meat is Murder back in the mid-eighties only because again, of my buddy Doug’s sisters had the record.  Doug and I made fun of the album title and resumed listening to Songs From The Big Chair.
              15. Squeeze- Black Coffee In Bed:  The first time I heard this song was back in ’91 at the now defunct Carlisle, PA bar, B.C.’s Cafe.  Doug and I met up for beers at B.C.’s after a tough shift at the Mall one Saturday night with our buddy Tom.  Don’t ask me why I remember that but I’ve loved that song ever since and it’s my favorite Squeeze jam.
              16. REO Speedwagon- Time For Me To Fly:  My fav REO jam! I love the guitar intro, the awesome harmonies, and the lead vocals by Kevin Cronin. This cut is from the worst album title of all time (You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish). Released in 1978, this album also features “Roll With The Changes”.
              17. B-52’s- Private IdahoI first heard the B-52’s on January 25th, 1980.  The Eagles were playing in the Super Bowl and I was at Dan Shenk’s house horse playing around while the adults where watching the game.  Maybe sometime around halftime, Dan’s brother Dave produced and played “Rock Lobster”.  I liked the song then and I like it now.  “Private Idaho” is supposedly a song about paranoia.  Fred Schneider’s dead-pan vocals paired with the harmony of Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson are undeniable catchy but as with most B-52 jams, the driving bass line and the staccato guitar riffs are what tie the song together.
              18. The Cult- She Sells Sanctuary:  I was familiar with British-born band, The Cult in the late 80’s but got to know them much better after their 1989 release of Sonic Temple which featured the iconic “Fire Woman”.  The Fire Woman song and video broadened the band’s notoriety for sure.  My buddy Bob Rock saw them open for Lynyrd Skynyrd, believe it or not, and remarked how lead singer Ian Astbury strutted across the stage while swinging the microphone and thrashing his long black hair.  The Cult was like The Cure on steroids.  Their goth-like image probably steered them away from more main-stream success.
              19. Jackson Browne- The Load Out:  Although Jackson Browne has been accused of being a bit of a whiner, I’m still a fan.  I got into JB in the late 80’s.  While songs like “The Load Out” , “Stay”, and “Running On Empty” are JB staples, I also like his early 80’s sound like “Somebody’s Baby” that headlined the Fast Times At Ridgemont High Soundtrack, and “Lawyers In Love”.   I remember specifically listening to these songs while trimming rabbit fur dubbing when I worked at the fly shop in 1987.
              20. Jackson Browne- Stay:  Like Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” & “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman), and Journey’s “Lights” & “Feeling That Way”, it is policy that “Stay” be played in conjunction with “The Load Out”.    The song climaxes when David Lindley sings the falsetto.
              21. ZZ Top- TV Dinners This song is from the powerful and wildly popular Eliminator album.  Who could forget the Eliminator coupe, the spinning guitar move, the legs…  The cut “TV Dinners” slid under the radar but Billy, Dusty, and Frank managed to man up for a video shoot and that video appeared at least once on Friday Night Videos, a poor man’s MTV for those too cheap for cable TV.  If you’re over age 42, you might remember.
              22. Judas Priest- Hell Bent For Leather:  JP is perhaps the most iconic metal band of all time.   The hosts of That Metal Show on VH1 rated the opening drum solo on “Painkiller” at the second best drum solo of all time next to Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher”, but nobody takes a back seat to Rob Halford’s vocals.  We used to listen to JP at Zeigler’s pool in the summer and also on the Metal Militia radio show on 88.3 WDCV.  When I visit my buddy Mario’s house down on the eastern shore of Maryland, I am greeted by an awkwardly hung image of front man Rob Halford in a scantily clad outfit.
              23. Skid Row- Youth Gone Wild:  I saw Skid Row when they opened for Bon Jovi in Hershey, PA circa 1990.  Sebastian Bach’s schtick was to run out across the stage during Bon Jovi’s act in a thong- all to Jon Bon Jovi’s dismay.  Sebastian Bach is a tad ADD… okay a lot ADD, but he’s got killer pipes.  The guy can belt out a rock song.   Sebastian starred in the VH1 reality show Supergroup and pissed off his idol Ted Nugent by ranting over Uncle Ted’s “Stranglehold” guitar solo.
              24. U2- New Year’s Day From the War album, this is a fantastic remix by DJ François Kevorkian.  U2 played “New Year’s Day” when I saw them at a semi-impromptu concert in Hershey in 1992.
              25. The Clash- Train In Vain:  In April of 1980, Rolling Stone Magazine called The Clash “the greatest rock and roll band in the world” giving their album London Calling rave reviews and later named the album the number one rock album of the eighties.  It deserved the rave reviews.  Every song has a different sound.  Some are punk, some are rock-a-billy, and others like “Clampdown” are working man’s punk rock.  Always bold and never selling out, The Clash is maybe not the greatest rock and roll band in the world, but they’re certainly at the top of the punk rock heap.
              26. Twisted Sister- Under The Blade:  “Twisted” is a classic 80’s hair band that got some credit, but maybe not as much as they deserve.  The 1984 Stay Hungry album was the band’s most commercially successful effort but they had a lot of good stuff prior as well.  I listen to Twisted when I wanna rock.
              27. Pantera- Walk A bad ass song from the Cowboys From Hell.
              28. Little River Band- Cool Change:  Who doesn’t love LRB?  They were a 1970’s AM/FM staple.  Every time I hear these songs it reminds me of cruising in my dad’s AMC Hornet.
              29. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- Breakdown:  I actually like the live version of “Breakdown” better.   Tom cuts his mic during the chorus and lets the crowd sing and TP says, “Gonna put me out of a job!”  That’s my favorite part.  Click here to hear “Breakdown Live”.
              30. The Human League- Human: The Human League is a favorite classic alternative rock band and I somehow doubt that any of them are hunters.
              31. Thin Lizzy- The Boys Are Back In Town:  The perfect song for woodcock chasers around the nation.
              32. Daryl Hall & John Oates- Adult Education:  I till have Big Bam Boom on cassette and saw “Hall & Oates in 2015 and I must say they sounded pretty damn good..
              33. Billy Idol- Dancing With Myself:  This is the song I’m reminded of as I’m rubbing down my leather goods with Montana Pitch Blend.  It’s off my second favorite Billy Idol album next to Rebel Yell.
              34. Ace Frehley- Rip It Out:  “Rip It Out” does not appear on Ace Frehley Origins Vol. 1, but “Cold Gin“, “Parasite“, and “Rock And Roll Hell” are all KISS songs that Ace covers on his latest effort that is backed by a star studded cast of guitar slingers like Slash, Mike McCready, and John 5, among others.  “Cold Gin”, the official Yankee Hunter theme song, is the backbone of this album and Mike McCready on rhythm guitar along with Space Ace on extended guitar solos makes it better than the original.  (Sorry, Paul.)  Origins Vol. 1 is stuck in my Tacoma’s CD player- and that’s a good thing.”
              35. Van Halen– Bottoms Up:  I had Van Halen II on 8-track when I was eight years old.  Enough said.
              36. Queensryche- Empire:  Queensryche, often billed as the thinking man’s metal.  Too bad Geoff Tate is such a whack job and these guys can’t make up and just be friends.
              37. Lynyrd Skynyrd- That Smell: The kings of southern fried rock. Ooooh that smell. Can’t you smell that smell.
              38. Neil Young Southern Man:  I saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse in concert back in noine-teen nionety-one with my buddy Mario.
              39. The FixxStand Or Fall:   This song was playing on the stereo of Mario’s Toyota Tacoma directly prior to a 6 point sika stag slamming into the driver’s side quarter panel of his truck.
              40. Talking Heads:  Wild Wild Life

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