Yankee Hunter?

Yankee Hunter LogoA lot of people ask me where I got the name “Yankee Hunter”. (Actually, nobody really asked me).  Here’s the story and it has nothing to do with the Damn Yankees.

Yankee Hunter Born

Back in ‘0-12, I was “fixing“, as they say in the south, to go on a South Dakota bow hunt for trophy whitetails with my Interstate Sportsman buddies, Brock Ray and Shane Kennedy, AKA AULT6.   We were bs’ing about the upcoming hunt on Interstate Sportsman Radio when Brock referred to me and said in his southern drawl, “He’s our ‘yankee hunter’.”  Hmm.  I didn’t think much of it until Brock continued to refer to me as “The Yankee Hunter.”    You see, Brock hails from Alabama and is as southern as crunk.  Brock has more ideas than The Riddler, he could charm the pants off of a snake, and he’s smart enough to have graduated from Oxford…. Oxford, Alabama High School.  Seriously.

Anyway, during our SoDak hunt, I officially became “The Yankee Hunter”.  It made sense and although it was actually somewhat of a put down coming from a southerner, I thought the moniker sounded pretty cool and embraced it on the radio show from then on.

That’s the story.

South Dakota Hunt

Oh, the SoDak hunt?  As most of my out-of-state-hunts go, it was totally unfruitful.  Of course we went during the worst episode of blue-tongue disease the state has ever seen and saw very few deer and nobody got a shot.  Nevertheless I had a great time and bonding with Brock and Shane.Brock and Shane Sitting In The Cold Weather We stayed at a Brown’s Lodge near Gettysburg, SD with a fantastic view,Browns Lodge Porch Viewbefore moving to Brown’s White Horse Lodge.White Horse Lodge

We ate like kings courtesy of Brock’s cooking, Brock Ray Cooking Steaksand saw some fantastic sights while huntingYH glassing in SD on some deeded private land in the middle of  “the rez” near White Horse, South Dakota, population 117.White Horse South Dakota, Population 117I hiked up a steep bluffSteep bluff in SD to find Chief White Horse’s grave,Cheif White Horse's Graveand I even got to do some real “ranch hand” workYH doing some ranch hand workwhile Shane fraternized with the locals.Shane talking to local SD Rancherit was a great time and I’ll never forget it.

A special thanks to Brock Ray and to Brown’s Lodge for putting us up. –YH

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