Woodcock In The South

Woodcock In The SouthMy favorite book on woodock hunting is Making Game: An Essay on Woodcock by Guy De la Valdene. My second favorite is A Fall Of Woodcock by Tom Huggler.  Both books detail accounts of woodcock hunting and woodcock in the south.   It is during the winter months that this Yankee seriously considers becoming a Southern Man.

Woodcock In The South With Lost Highway Kennels

Grayson Guyer of Lost Highway Kennels (username losthighwaygundogs on Instagram) knows about woodcock in the south.

Operating out of Winston Salem, NC,  Guyer hunts over and trains a variety of breeds including his French Brittanys (FB), which ironically is the same breed fancied by Guy De la Valdene who is also a southern man (Florida).  Guyer’s own little FB, Ella, is reportedly a tough little girl.  She’s natural retriever with strong drive.  Guyer offers guiding services to those interested in hunting woodcock in the south.  In addition to woodcock, he hunts for marsh hens, dove, waterfowl, and preserve hunts for pheasant/quail/chukar.   I learned from Guyer via Instagram direct messaging that we were both fanciers of la Valdene’s work and he left me with the feeling that someday I must meet him and see Ella in action.   I’m pretty sure my next dog will be a French Brittany.←(Wife hint.)

Another southern woodcock guide I’ve come across is SWD Outfitters out of Monterey, Louisiana.  They have a Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SDWOutfitters/

Do you think Neil Young may have been referring to southern woodock hunters in “Southern Man”?  Neil reviewed to Howard Stern that the song was about the perils of the early south and he didn’t care that Lynryd Skynyrd gave him shit back on their tune “Sweet Home Alabama”.  Neil said that LS was the greatest southern rock band of all time.

My own adventures in southern woodcock include pounding the greenbrier ridden covers of eastern Maryland and glancing through infamous Cape May in New Jersey.  These areas, however, are not for the faint of heart and do not resemble the classic aspen choked covers of the upper Midwest, like Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan, or the abandoned farmsteads of the upper northeast.   Maryland woodcock hunting entails slogging through knee-deep swamps where Filson-shredding greenbrier and multiflora rose at the norm.  My last foray into these covers left me with a badly torn cornea, but that’s another story.

Top Books About Hunting Woodcock In The South

“Southern man
better keep your head
Don’t forget
what your good book said”

I don’t think Neil was actually referring to books about southern woodcock hunters, but speaking of books, I’ll include links to books that I heavily endorse about woodcock hunting and include info about woodcock in the south.  They make great winter reading and I promise you’ll enjoy-YH

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