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Migrating Woodcock

Migrating Woodcock: The Boys Are Back In Town

It’s that time of year when the migrating woodcock come sneaking back. Last week I got a text from “Big D”, a cover-thug hunting buddy who runs English Pointers. His text read “Spread the word around. Guess who’s back in town?”, confirming that The Boys Are Back In Town.
Woodcock On The Ground Continue reading Migrating Woodcock

Woodcock Spring Training

The Adventures of Dumb & Dumber (AKA Carrot and Mocha)

I love training my dogs on migrating woodcock in the spring almost as much as actual hunting in the fall.  The pressure is off.  There is no obligation or objective to harvest game.  Also, not having to carry a 45″ long 6-pound gun through the thick cover is a pleasant reprieve. Continue reading Woodcock Spring Training