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Packing For Bear Camp

In just a few days it will be time for me to fly to my favorite vacation of the year- bear camp!  Kevin Cronin and Cozy Toes couldn’t make it this year but I’ll be there and it’s time to start packing.

Kevin Cronin
Yankee Hunter, Sorry I can’t make it to bear camp this year 🙁 Your Pal, Kevin.

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Lone Wolf Treestand: Tips & Tricks

The Lone Wolf Assault Climbing Treestand is the best climbing stand on the market and holds a place on the YH Investment Worthy List of hunting gear.   I love these stands.  Read on to find out why and learn a few tricks along the way.  The song choice for this post was too easy.

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Bow Season: The Final Countdown

Stalking the woods with bow
KUIU Vias camo, Lone Wolf Alpha tree stand, Classic Sportsman short-brim hat, Schnee’s boots

In many parts of the country, archery deer season opens in mid-September and here in Pennsylvania, the kick off generally occurs on the first Saturday in October. Drive through any rural area in Pennsylvania this time of year and you’re likely to see stacks of hay bales or shot-up McKenzie targets gracing backyards and clotheslines sagging under the weight of freshly washed camo garments. Continue reading Bow Season: The Final Countdown