Skinny Bowstrings For Traditional Archery

Skinny Bowstrings For Traditional Archery

2018 New Year’s resolution: This is the year that I will become deadly accurate with my traditional bows.  I will practice form and shoot my recurve bows EVERY day.    To kick start this initiative, I needed a new skinny bowstring for my 30# Wing Falcon recurve from Silent But Deadly Bowstrings. When the package arrived the first thing I noticed was That Smell!

Skinny Bowstrings From SBD

On their web site, SBD Bowstrings proclaims that they are the “original skinny string”.   These strings are not fashion accessories for your traditional bow, but rather they are high performance components for traditional bows.  They are crafted of BCY D-10 bowstring material making then quieter with less creep.  The strings are padded with B-50 padding in tapered loops.

This was not my first go around with SBD Bowstrings.  I order all of the strings for my Bighorn recurves from SBD.  If I had to describe SBD string products with a word it would be “impeccable”.   Built by Mr. Pierre Lucas of Dunlvey, PA  The craftsmanship is readily apparent.  One thing I like about these strings is that they require almost no break-in period.   Skinny bowstrings are quieter, faster, and will make most any traditional bow perform noticeably better.

Advantages Of Skinny Bowstrings

I used to shoot lumpy B-50 Dacron and it was only in recent years that I gave much thought to bowstring performance.   It was through a thread on by bow guru O.L. Adcock that I learned of the virtues of skimpy strings.  Much of O.L. Adcock’s outstanding bow tuning and knowledge base can be found here:

When thrust forward by the force of the bow limbs, skinny bowstrings move less air, hence making them more quiet.  They are lighter and require less force to propel and impart more energy to the arrow shaft.

A basic SBD string costs about $25 (money well spent).  Strings are offered with an array of options including four different types of silencers ( I prefer cat whiskers), string nocks, and recurve wraps.    Inspired by my friend Ryan Sanpei (not really my friend, but I’m hoping we become friends so he will invite me to bowhunt goats in Hawaii), I ordered tie-on adjustable string nocks.  Here’s an excellent video where Ryan shows how to make your own tie-on nocks:

About Buying Skinny Bowstrings From SBD

skinny bowstringsSBD emphasizes repeatedly:  “Due to the over whelming demand for our strings, repeat orders and seasonal ordering,   please allow 2-3  weeks for delivery.”

Despite the warning, I got my string within a few days.  This could be due to the fact that I ordered during the “off season”. To learn more or order a skinny bowstring of your own SBD Bowstring,  visit

Non-Disclaimer:  I paid full price for my SBD Bowstrings and I’m not sponsored by or affiliated with them in any way.

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