Richard Blade Is My Fav

Sirius XM’s Richard Blade is my fav. If you’re ever feeling down, try going Under The Blade.  What does Twisted Sister have to do with Richard Blade?  Absolutely nothing.Richard Blade

Sirius XM LogoA Sirius listener since 2006, I listen to a host of channels on Sirius XM.  Outside of Howard 100 and Howard 101, my top picks are Classic Rewind, Ozzy’s Boneyard, Classic Vinyl, Backspin, 80’s On 8, Hair Nation, and Rock Bar on internet radio.

First WaveFirst Wave Logo

Then there’s First Wave. (Say that with a cheesy English accent).  The First Wave DJ lineup includes “Larry The Duck” and he is “okay” but that’s a really stupid name and it reminds me of Duckie from Pretty In Pink.  DJ Madison is a real whack job and loves to put her foot in her mouth.  Last but not least, there’s Richard Blade.

Yankee Hunter Seal Of Approval

I hereby nominate Richard Blade as my favourite ( that’s how the English folk misspell favorite) DJ.   Why is Richard Blade the Yankee Hunter DJ of choice on Sirius XM?  Well, the guy sounds so legitimately excited to announce the next single that it sounds like he’s going to trip over himself.   Richard is so smooth and he announces The Cure, ABC, and The “Phsyc Furs” all with equal aplomb.  I like the way he says Depeche Mode and “Echo- And The Bunnie-men”, and the way he puts a scary inflection in his voice when he talks about “Dark Wave”, First Wave’s “darker side of classic alternative”.  He just seems like a great all around guy and when it comes to classic alternative, the dude seems to be “in the know”.

Richard’s Favourite (Favorite)

It’s no secret that Mr. Blade’s favorite band is Depeche Mode. Richard Blade And Depeche Mode If I were to send a Facebook request to Richard, I’d request “People Are People” because  that was the first DP song I heard, or perhaps something from the Violator album.

Keith Roth Runner Up

Keith Roth is my first runner up.  Congratulations, Keith.  Kayla gets second runner up.  Luc Carl, you’re alright, too.   Mark Goodman gets honorable mention.

Hunting & Music?

Yankee Hunter and music go hand in hand.  That’s what Yankee Hunter is about.

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