Pennsylvania Game WARDEN

pennsylvania game wardenIn case you live or hunt in PA and didn’t hear, Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officers have recently regressed to the title of “Pennsylvania Game Warden”. This title apparently better reflects their actual job duties, that mostly revolve around protecting the Wild Wild Life.

Pennsylvania Game Warden Duties

Here’s a link to the Pennsylvania Pressroom press release.

The press release describes game warden duties as follows: “Pennsylvania game wardens coordinate and supervise Hunter-Trapper Education programs. They also represent the agency at conservation and sportsmen’s club meetings, respond to nuisance wildlife complaints, and deal with injured wildlife and suspected rabid-animal calls. Warden work also includes wildlife surveys, wildlife trap-and-transfer, field research and providing programs to civic groups and public schools.”

Additionally, the press release states: “It’s important to point out, though, that game wardens are sworn peace officers with statewide law-enforcement authority. They are highly trained and equipped as well as any police officer. They are expected to know and follow standards for protecting civil rights, gathering evidence that will hold up in court and prosecute violations of many different laws.”

Think twice about Breaking The Law in Pennsylvania!  Check out the video link below with a law enforcement officer playing air guitar.   Possibly a cadet from the Ross Leffler School of Conservation? That’s not a game warden, that’s British Steel, baby!

Previously, wardens were referred to as game protectors but that seemed kind of crusty so back in ’87 (for millennials I’m referring to 1987) the Pennsylvania Game Commision changed the title to Wild Life Conservation Officer.  The latter title seemed more robust and reinforced that they were officers of the law.  In my opinion, the new warden title does not.  “Warden” reminds me of an old fashioned throwback title like “jail warden”, excuse me, I mean “correctional facility chief manager”- like they have in Wentworth.

Regardless of whether I approve of the new title, game wardens have a tough job to do.

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