Hunting With Ozonics Is Illegal In Pennsylvania- Now What?Ozonics Illegal in Pennsylvania

When I learned that Ozonics, a battery-powered ozone emitting device that is purported to eliminate human odor from a hunter’s stand, was illegal in Pennsylvania, I almost broke down and cried. 

Ozonics Is Weird Science

I’d been watching outdoors TV personality, Tom Nelson, hunting with Ozonics and the mysterious device apparently allowed him to kill the most monstrous bucks.  Tom explained how Ozonics eliminated the human odor that would otherwise wreak havoc on his hunts for trophy bucks.  Tom revealed on a TV commercial that he had an “ah-ha!” moment.  It was in Saskatchewan on a bow hunt for trophy whitetails. Tom was able to “tag out” within the first couple of days while the others were left in camp scratching their heads.  You see, Tom used- Ozonics!

Ozonics Deer Hunter Envy

I’ll be honest, I was jealous.  For years I’ve only been able to kill spindly immature bucks and now I knew why.  With the Pennsylvania Game Commission Canceling the 2015 Rut, I needed Ozonics in my life.   And since I had the Ozonics website conveniently bookmarked, I was always only a few clicks away from the Ozonics “ProStaff” page that depicted Tom Nelson and a studly array of nimrods displaying their trophy harvests.  These harvests were courtesy of-  Ozonics.

Researching Ozonics For The Field

Further research indicated that I needed Ozonics.  I learned how my human scent was a demon-like cloud in the woods and that’s why I was hearing deer snort at me all of the time.  Really, the deer were just laughing at me.  That made me mad.  I learned that Ozonics emits a wave of ozone into the air that would effectively eliminate my deer scaring scent.  Now what really got me was the Ozonics promise.  Ozonics President Todd Pringnitz promised me in a commercial that Ozonics would “change my life”.  He guaranteed it.

Ready To Buy Ozonics

So finally the day came when I ready to pull the trigger on Ozonics.  I’d saved up my lunch money for weeks in anticipation of having my Ozonics in place for the first day of Pennsylvania’s archery deer season.  I was ready to buy and my right finger was hovering over the button on my mouse.  Just one click and archery success would be mine…  But wait!

Ozonics Is Not Legal In Pennsylvania

My friend Gene sent me an email in the 11th hour alerting me to the fact that Ozonics is unlawful in the good old state of PA.  He told me that in PA, “It is unlawful to hunt with any electronic contrivance or device.”  What is a contrivance?

Ozonics: It Was All Just a Joke

Why not take a device that looks like a beta video player into the woods, screw it into a tree with a special bracket so it emits invisible waves into the air that will destroy my human scent?  Answer:  It’s excessive gratuitous gaudy unnecessary gadgetry.

Don’t Rely On A Gimmick For Hunting Success

Imagine a hunter awaking in the predawn on his day off and leaving home for a one hour drive to his best spot.  He gets to his parking area only to realize that he left his Ozonics machine at home.  He was so confident in its ability to bring him success and that’s why he shelled out the cash to buy it.  Would he return home to retrieve it, or go ahead and hunt?  Don’t rely on a gimmick or another gadget to bring success in the field.

Electronic Devices: It is unlawful to hunt in Pennsylvania with any electronic contrivance or device except:

  1. Electronic callers may be used to hunt bobcats,
    coyotes, foxes, raccoons and crows.
  2. Lighted pins on bow sights and scopes with lighted reticles may be used as long as they don’t cast a beam.  Any device used as a sight or scope on any firearm, bow or crossbow that projects a light beam of any kind onto the target is unlawful.
  3. Portable, two-way radios and cell phones may be used for general communications with another hunter, but may not be used to direct or alert another hunter, of the presence or location of live game or wildlife. The use of electronic communication devices to alert hunters to live game is not only a violation of the Game & Wildlife Code, but violates the concept of Fair Chase. The use of portable radios does not satisfy the legal requirement of accompanying a junior hunter. The accompanying adult must be close enough to give verbal instructions without the aid of an electronic device.
  4. Electronic sound amplification devices that are incorporated into hearing protection devices and completely contained in or on the hunter’s ear may be used to hunt or take wildlife.

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