Osso Buco At Bear Camp

At bear camp 2015 there was no way I was going to serve TV Dinners at our cabin, so instead I made osso bucoOsso buco in dutch oven

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of the TV show MeatEater and when Steven Rinella cooks, I listen… and watch.    One of his signature dishes is osso buco.  This post is not a rip off of MeatEater, but rather a strong tribute.  (See recipe link below).

Osso Buco On The Menu!

I hit a homerun on my first attempt at osso buco at home and told the guys at bear camp 2014 that shank meat was the tastiest meat on the animal.  This comment generated quite a bit of skepticism and debate but I assured the gang that it was true.  Right then and there I decided that osso buco was a must-have for 2015 bear camp.

Osso buco discs
Venison shank meat cut into 1 1/2″ thick disks

Osso buco is created from the shank meat of deer, bear, beef, or whatever red meat is handy.  Basically, it’s Italian for “bone hole”, or “hole in the bone”.  The dish gets its name from the fact that when fully braised, the marrow melts right out of the center of the shank bone leaving a distinct hole right down the middle.  I ain’t gonna lie- cutting the shank into disks is hard work.  A sharp meat saw will do the job but I recommend cutting with an electric meat saw or even a reciprocating saw.

Processing Osso Buco Meat
Tools of the trade for processing osso buco meat

Bear Camp 2015

The recipe calls for a tablespoon of this and a tablespoon of that and a guy with a lot of Time on his hands.  I had plenty of time while I was waiting for Skrat and Andrew to arrive at the cabin so I popped Metallica Master Of Puppets into the CD player, cracked a can of Busch, and went to work.

Before leaving for Cackle Grackle I got smart and premeasured and pre-packed all of the dry ingredients into Ziploc bags.

Osso Buco raw ingredients
Premeasured! Now I’m getting smart.

All visitors to Cackle Grackle know the cabin’s stove well.  It’s a mint gas-fired CALORIC.

Caloric stove lights

I pre-heated the CALORIC’s finicky oven and set to prepping the ingredients.  This recipe begs for a cast iron Dutch oven and it just so happens that we have one at the cabin.  I recommend this Lodge brand cast iron Dutch oven.

First, One Browns The Meat
Browning osso buco meat
Brown the flour coated disks in grease until they’re nice and crusty
Next Step
Osso Buco Ingredients
Everything is laid out and ready to go
Braise It In The Oven
Caloric at work
The meat needs to braise for about 4 hours or so to become tender. The Caloric gets a workout.
Deer Shanks
Shank meat ready to be processed into disks.

My guests arrived at about 9:00 p.m. road weary and with an appetite.  The osso buco didn’t stand a chance! In year’s past all of my sinew riddled shank meat was destine for burger meat- but no more.  Osso buco gets the YH nod of approval! Click here for a link to the osso buco recipe.

…And then at bear camp- this happened…

Burning chair



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