Lone Wolf Treestand: Tips & Tricks

The Lone Wolf Assault Climbing Treestand is the best climbing stand on the market and holds a place on the YH Investment Worthy List of hunting gear.   I love these stands.  Read on to find out why and learn a few tricks along the way.  The song choice for this post was too easy.

YH packing a Lone Wolf treestand

So at roughly $380, these stands are a little pricey,  but they’re worth it.  I got my Lone Wolf climber in 2003 and it is still running strong (it still has the original seat pad!)!  Cost it out over 12 years of service and that’s a bargain at any price.  Here’s a short list reasons of why these stands are best.

Lone Wolf Top # List

  1. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet.  There’s a reason they call it “your silent partner”.  Lone Wolf climbers are the quietest climbing stands on the market.  No offense Loggy Bayou fans but I ditched my Loggy years ago in favor of a LW.  You can bump a LW stand against a tree, slap the band, shift your weight on the platform, jump up an down with it on your back- do what you want but these stands are utterly quiet.
  2. Transparent pattern:  The LW’s 3D honey comb pattern is transparent and does not reveal a profile in the tree.
  3. It’s packable:  The LW has a very slim profile and packs flat and packs quietly- tight to the body- and does not flail around or get hung up in brush when hiking in or out of the woods.
  4. Stable and safe: I’ve been messing around with climbing treestands since the early 80’s, and if you’re the same, then you too may have also experienced the “Baker slide”.  LW stands are rock solid in the tree. I’ve used my LW in every tree species imaginable without incident.  Big teeth on the “V” notch bite the tree and the stabilizer straps prevent the base from dropping away when climbing.
  5. Built-in bow holder: It’s got a built in bow holder.

Tips & Tricks


  • Get a set of: The Claw treestand straps (Trust me on this. You will not be disappointed). These things are comfortable and cling to your shoulders like fly paper when packing the LW.  These are honestly one of the best treestand investments I’ve ever made.The Claw treestand straps
  • Level platform:  My hunting buddies know that I’m a stickler for a level platform.  I get ultra picky about this and have I’ve even considered carrying a torpedo level in my pack to achieve perfection.  Lone Wolf numbered traction beltSince I often hunt the same trees over and over, here’s how I get perfectly level platform.  Number each tooth on both sides of the traction belt with a Sharpie.  Now, experiment with your tree and adjust the traction belt to achieve a perfect platform at your desired height in the tree.  Once you determine the setting that gives a perfectly level platform, make note of the number on the belt that is revealed where the belt enters the cam levers on both sides. This is your setting.  For example, your favorite tree may be a 10-10 or a 15-14, and so on.
  • Lube the belt:  A light coat of Vaseline on the traction belt teeth will aid in opening and closing the cam buckle, especially on cold days.
  • Add padding: Use foam pipe insulation on rails and supports anywhere necessary to prevent gear from banging against the stand and creating metal-to-metal noise.
  • Add “pull straps” to the cam levers:Lone Wolf cam lever If your older model LW cam levers do not look like this, simply drill a hole in the lever and add a loop of p-cord to use as a “pull”.  Your fingers will thank you.
  • Pack your pack:  Trying to wear a pack under the LW doesn’t work too well.  Lone Wolf pack clipAttach a loop of p-cord to the top hole of the platform just under the notch and attach your pack with a carabiner clip.  The LW platform itself works just like a pack frame, in fact, this dude figured a way to use his LW to pack out meat. YH packing a Lone Wolf treestand
  • Bungee mystery solved:  The bungee strap that comes with each LW climbing stand has been a mystery to many LW users but it actually has a purpose. Lone Wolf bungee cord demo The bungee is used to secure the hand climber/seat to the tree.  With the bungee attached, the seat can be lowered and folded back against the tree when not in use.
  • Use the hand climber/seat as a “stand alone” (no pun intended) seat for ground blinds.

If you have any LW tips of your own that you’d like to share, send them my way. -YH

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