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Ban The Huntress

What is a huntress?  Why can’t women that hunt simply be called “hunters”?   If you label yourself as a huntress for the wrong reasons it might be time to put down your gun and your makeup.  The Runaways didn’t give a damn, and neither should you.

Does your Facebook page or your Instagram profile include the term “huntress”?  If so, consider referring to yourself simply as “a hunter”.   Before undergarments get wadded, let me say that I’m a huge proponent of women in the outdoors- and I’ve zero doubt that there are number of female hunters out there that could hunt me into the ground.  Secondly, I never said I didn’t like to look at a pretty face.   huntress: womens upland hunting gearI like to look at an attractive woman as much as the next guy.   Here’s the grind:  Many of these media huntresses are seeming trying to use their femininity  combined with the activity of hunting to get attention for all the wrong reasons.   Sure, there may be a few well-intentioned ladies out there using the huntress moniker, but before you use it, consider whose attention you’re trying to get.  Are you trying to be a model, or are you a hunter?

You Might Be A Huntress If…

  • Your face paint consists of 3 “cat whisker” stripes on your cheeks
  • You wear eye makeup in the woods for potential selfie opportunities
  • Your face paint looks like an upside down batman symbol
  • You take treestand glamour selfies
  • You post social media pics shooting a gun or bow while wearing a bikini

ProStaff Huntress

There’s a trend among various sporting companies using “huntresses” (different than women hunters) as pro staffers.    As a serious consumer of hunting gear, I question the intent of these companies and quite frankly I’m totally unimpressed.  So put a pretty girl behind your hunting product and expect me to buy in?  A very thin veil indeed.

Real Clothing For Real Women That Hunt

Eddie Bauer had a good thing going with their Sport Shop line of clothing for women, although they seem to have tapered their offerings since its inception.  Non-huntress women that hunt should also check out the line of clothing and gear at Prois Hunting.

Women Hunters: Don’t Call Me Baby

Thanks to David Hart to penning this article on women hunters on  “Don’t call me baby, and please don’t refer to me as a huntress- not even if you’re nasty.”  Janet Jackson would approve!

PA Game Commission Allegedly Cancels 2015 Rut

A Yankee Hunter EXCLUSIVE*

Cumberland County- Pennsylvania

In a shocking move the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) apparently canceled the 2015 whitetail rut.  Hunters all across the state are questioning the purpose of the alleged move that has buckless nimrods from Pittsburgh to Philly hot under the collar.

PGC Logo

So where are the bucks this season?  Ask the Pennsylvania Game Commission because this season the deer seem to be underground  and the harvest is well below normal.  Some blame it on the balmy temps and the unusual amount of standing corn still in the fields but others know better.  The PGC has yet to own up to this but the evidence is real.  Statistics gathered from social media sites like Facebook prove that PA hunters are posting 12% fewer success photos and Twitter shows a lack of “tweets” hash tagging “#rutting bucks”.  An Instagram hashtag search for #parut lends credence to the accusation:

Of 100% of hunters surveyed by, 37 percent think the PGC is up to dirty work; 32 percent think the rut is simply late this year; 22 percent stayed home to watch Penn State football; and 15 percent believe the 1969 lunar landing was indeed a hoax.

Pennsylvania bowhunters bank on the rut to fill their buck tag and book their vacation time a year in advance for the event but this year, the rut never got off the ground.   To further support “the year without a rut”, as it’s being called, the author was unable to fill his archery buck tag this year.

“How else could it have happened?”, says Rusty Harbanger.  Harbanger, a Pike county Pennsylvania hunter for the past 30 seasons says he’s never seen anything like it.  “I’ve been hunting since I’ve been a kid and never, and I mean never have I seen such a lousy fall rut.”  Like others, Harbanger is convinced that the PGC had a hand in the deal.

Hot on the heals of a lame spring turkey season, the PGC is taking criticism for the alleged move.  Some, like Harbanger, think that former PGC deer biologist Gary Alt may have had a hand in the rut cancellation.

Harbanger quipped, “I haven’t shot a buck since this Pennsylvania QDM crap kicked in.  (Alt) wanted us to not kill any deer and I guess his plan worked.  It just took a while for the rut cancellation phase of his plan to kick in.  Well, it worked.

Stealing the rut like the Grinch stole Christmas.  It’s just wrong.”

PGC Press Secretary, Travis Lau

PGC press secretary Travis Lau has declined to decline to comment let alone acknowledge the 2015 rut cancellation.



*Author’s note:  This news article has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Author didn’t really see much in the way of bucks this bow season and failed to even get a shot at the buck.  The Author is in fact a strong supporter of the PGC during years where  he manages to arrow a buck.