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Schnees Pac Boot Rebuild

Schnees Pac Boot Rebuild

Schnees Pac Boot Rebuild.  Boots- barely alive… Gentleman, they can be rebuilt… We have the technology. We have the capability to fix these boots… better, stronger, faster…  There’s a lady at Schnee’s in Bozeman Montana who’s an expert at rebuilding or “rebottoming” their famous pac boots.   I recently send my Schnee’s Guide Boots back to have this service performed.  Bottoms Up!

Schnees Pac Boot Rebuild Service Q & A

Schees Pac Boot Rebuild
Schnees Pac Boot Rebuild Tire Tread
  1. What is the typical number of times a boot can successfully be rebuilt?  We have bottomed boots that were 20+ years old. It really depends on how well the customer cares for their boots. Conditioning on a bi-yearly or more basis is super important.
  2. Is there a record for the number of times a customer has had a particular boot rebuilt?  Not sure, but the condition of the leather makes or breaks it.
  3. What is the worst condition you’ve ever seen a boots come in for rebuild?  Very hard, dry, cracked leather. We do get the occasional “dog ate my boot” which we can patch or replace depending on the amount of damage.
  4. Is there a particular individual that performs the rebuilds and if so, what is the individual’s name an skill set?   We train our staff into this position. There are several steps involved and the longer they are with the company, the more advanced steps are introduced.
  5. How many rebuilds do you typically perform in a month’s/year’s time?  About 1,500 or so.
  6. Is it easier to build a new boot, or do a rebuild?   Rebuild is faster and most of the time easier depending on the condition of the upper.
  7. Can the customer request any modifications during the rebuild process and if so, are there any typical requests?   Other than changing to/from ADV or T/T soles in the same boot style, it is very difficult to make changes.
  8. What is the typical turnaround time for a rebuild?   Usually one week, possibly longer during peak season.
  9. Do you prefer the customer to leave the lowers attached when sent back or removed?   It is best to leave them attached for identification of style and size.
  10. How much does it cost?
    $90 + shipping for tire tread and $100 for advantage bob sole.

Where To Get A Schnees Pac Boot Rebuild

To learn more about the rebuild service, visit

Schnees Pac Boots Leather Boot Care

Schnee’s Pac Boots Leather Boot Care

I thoroughly enjoy caring for my leather products, especially my Schnee’s pac boots.  It’s one of my favorite Fall activities.  Rubbing these boots down with Montana Pitch Blend makes me feel like I’m Dancing With Myself.

Where To Get Schnee’s Pac Boots And Montana Pitch Blend

Schnee’sSchnees Pac boots leather boot care of Bozeman Montana builds and sells their famous pac boots and Montana Pitch Blend, which is my favorite leather dressing.  Paul Brunner used to sell it from his Screaming Eagle catalog and I think it was Paul’s brother that actually started Montana Pitch Blend.  Anyway, I buy it in 52 once tubs for a mere 87 cents per ounce, but it’s also available in a 4 once size for those that like to pay more ($2.48/ounce), or if you just want to give the stuff a try.

Montana Pitch blend is purported to be an all natural leather loving concoction that won’t spook game.  It contains a proprietary mix of bee’s wax, mink oil, pine pitch and other stuffs.  Screaming Eagle claimed to have done “tests” to prove it to be so.   I don’t know about that, but it sure works good to condition leather and it smells good, too.

Schnee’s Or Filson?

As shown in the video, I run both Schnee’s guide boots and Filson Uplander.  Both are great boots and I’ve had more than one pair of each.  I like the Uplander, but for overall use I find myself donning the Schnee’s more often, if for no other reason, they are virtually waterproof and the terrain I hunt most often in central Pennsylvania demands it.  They’re lighter, too.  (See Schnees Pac Boot Review.)

I often wear the rubber bottomed pac boots while bowhunting.  The more I think about it, the rubber bottomed/leather upper boots are probably not any more scent free than the Filson boots, but they’re more quiet in the woods for sure.  I would have to think that the leather uppers would lay down a pretty good layer scent molecules on the way to my treestand, especially when it’s saturated with Pitch Blend, whether it spooks game, or not.   Still, I’ve killed more than one deer with an arrow while wearing leather upper pacs so I guess it’s okay.

Cooper Jackson Squirrel Rifle Review

Cooper Jackson Squirrel Rifle Review

The Cooper Jackson Squirrel Rifle Review by Yankee Hunter.  Built by Cooper Rifles Of Montana, the JSR is the holy grail for squirrel hunting junkies .  Lured by its beauty, I cheated on my Ruger 77/22. I’m only Human.  I’m sorry, please forgive me.

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Hunting With Ozonics Is Illegal In Pennsylvania- Now What?Ozonics Illegal in Pennsylvania

When I learned that Ozonics, a battery-powered ozone emitting device that is purported to eliminate human odor from a hunter’s stand, was illegal in Pennsylvania, I almost broke down and cried. 
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First Lite Wind River Balaclava Review

First Lite Wind River Balaclava Review:  It was about time that the standard balaclava head cover got a revamp.  First Lite took Little River Band’s lead about making a Cool Change and created the Wind River Balaclava.

First Lite Wind River Balaclava Review

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Young Hunter: Book Review

Young Hunter Book Review

Young Hunter Written by David R. Thompson, is a must-read for an aspiring young hunter or an adult that is raising a hunter.  This book was written for all of the Youth Gone Wild.

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Schnees Pac Boot Review

Schnees Pac Boot Review: I like traditional boots- boots that I break-in, and boots that can rebuilt and worn for years or decades. In other words I’m Hell Bent For Leather.  Schnee’s of Bozeman Montana knows leather.


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First Lite Brimmed Beanie Review

First Lite Brimmed Beanie Review: First Lite is a company that makes functional clothing that helps hunters carry The Load Out and go farther and Stay (in the field)- just a little bit longer.

BrimmedBeanie ASAT
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First Lite Sanctuary Jacket Review

“You’re so cold, you’re so cold, cold, cold”.  

It may not be manly to admit, but like Mick Jagger said, I get cold really easily.  In my never ending search to stay warm I turned to First Lite, a Private(ly)(held company)(based in) Idaho.  First Lite Sells Sanctuary (Jackets). First Lite Sanctuary Jacket Continue reading First Lite Sanctuary Jacket Review

Coffee In The Stand

To some it may seem crazy, but while bowhunting, one of my guilty pleasures is Black Coffee In the treestand.

Drinking coffee in the treestand
Dark roast pourover, thank you.

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