Getting It DONE!

Thanks to a post from uahunt on Instagram, I was relieved to get the news that huntress Eva Shockey “got it DONE” in France on a hunt for mouflon sheep.   Thank goodness she got it done! 

Once And Done

Let’s be honest.  We all love Eva, but if it the France hunt ended without her getting it done, secretly would we have been just a little bit disappointed in her?   Listen- I’m not privy to what all went down in France but I take special solace in knowing things got done.  I’m sure there were probably some tough moments over there- what, with the wind whipping at her braid, the mascara clumping humidity,  Under Armour chaffing, and what not… I’m sure there were moments where she may have even lashed out at the guide with an, “I am sooo DONE with this!”  But yet she persevered and was able to get it done!   How embarrassing would it have been for Eva to come all the way back from France empty handed and all of her girls are like, “Yo girl! Did you get it done?”


Thankfully, Eva was able to return to her girls back in the states with a wink and a big thumbs up to acknowledge that she did in fact,  GET IT DONE!

I bet Eva’s dad, Jim Shockey, is undoubtedly proud of his little girl for getting it done.

Jim Shockey
That’s my girl!

The OG Of Getting It Done

I bet Eva could even give lessons to Larry the Cable Guy on getting it done.  I mean, this guy practically invented getting it done, but Eva gets it done on a whole ‘nother level.Larry The Cable Guy


It seems like the too often I go into the fields and woods leaving things undone.  Yet every day  I see tons of pics on Instagram of hunters and huntresses “getting it done”.  What could I be doing wrong?  Nevertheless, I can always count on Eva and the legions of rock star hunters out there to get things done.

“Congrats” Eva, from YH on getting it done!  It’s all good 😉

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