Filson Customer Service: Stand Or Fall?

My Filson Customer Service Experience.  One Thing Leads To Another and the bellows pocket stitching on my Filson Tin Shooting bag failed for no apparent reason (other than 10 years of use) and 20 gauge shells were slipping out leaving a trail that a blind man could follow.  Would Filson Customer Service Stand Or Fall? Filson Customer Service Filson Shooting Bag

Filson Customer Service Fall?

The following is an exact transcription of the voice mail I received on August 23, 2016 from Filson Customer Service regarding the return of my beloved Filson Shooting Bag for repair:

Read as “female millennial”-

“I’m calling on behalf of Filson about the shooting bag you sent in… Unfortunately it has some animal by-product in it… with … blood… and feathers… so, we can’t’ do anything and also, (it) only extends for the lifetime of the product, and this product is well over ten years… Umm.  It served its life? … There’s nothing more…  It’s not under warranty, sooo we’re going to be sending this back to you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call…  I’m showing that, umm, we repaired this item for you back in 2005.  Umm, so I just want to confirm the address to send this back to… Hope to hear from you soon.  Bye.”

Might as well have the best… or not?

Filson Shooting Bag

I loved this bag.  It served me well in the dove fields and at the clays range.  It also made a fine companion for quick-and-dirty upland hunts.   Missing the 2016 dove season opener without my Filson Tin Shooting Bag was like a Secret Separation.   I figured that Filson,  would have no problem sewing the stiching back together.  Filson Customer Service Filson Shooting Bag

So, after receiving the disconcerting voice mail, I called Filson ready to do battle.  😈 After all, I am the Yankee Hunter and how dare they renig on their promise of “BUILT TO LAST-Always committed to producing the  best products, we field-test every item we make to ensure its integrity”?

Filson Customer Service Stands!

I got geared up to do battle and after pleading my case and dismay over the voicemail I received, a friendly voice from Filson told me not to worry as they intended to replace my Tin Shooting Bag with a brand new one.  They were worried that they would not be able to make a satisfactory repair to the old one and simply needed a call back from me to authorize the transaction.

Speaking of Filson, here’s another Filson product that really stands up- similar to my now discontinued Original Style 66 Double Tin Hunting Coat, the Tin Cloth Field Coat is for those that seek the toughest covers.

I hope that Filson Don’t Change A Thing-

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