Coffee In The Stand

To some it may seem crazy, but while bowhunting, one of my guilty pleasures is Black Coffee In the treestand.

Drinking coffee in the treestand
Dark roast pourover, thank you.

Lee & Tiffany, the Drury brothers, Cameron Hanes, and the like, might not approve of this practice.   Even my homeboy Steven Rinella might shake his head at me.Steven Rinella

But, I love to warm up with a hot cup in the stand and my Tenzing 1250 pack almost seems as though it were built around the dimensions of my THERMOS vacuum bottle.

Coffee in the treestandI’ve honestly NEVER experienced game spooking from the scent of hot coffee in the stand.  In fact, I am working on scientific proof that whitetail deer are actually attracted to the scent of hot coffee AND, believe it or not, from my research, deer are most prone to come in when the hunter is drinking Starbucks French Roast.   In 51% of cases, deer are first sighted 5 – 11 seconds after the cap has been screwed back on and the bottle slipped back into the pack.

Starbucks French Roast*UPDATE:  Further research shows that turkeys, especially mature gobblers, are equally attracted to the scent of hot coffee!

Some Like It Hot

… said Robert Palmer*.  I make my treestand coffee early in the morning before heading out using the pour-over method.  The coffee tastes best this way and it’s convenient because the coffee is hot-brewed directly into the THERMOS.

The Yankee Hunter THERMOS

In all seriousness, there is nothing more satisfying that a hot cup of coffee in the field.  This is the THERMOS model that I carry in my pack.   It has a 25 oz. capacity and I found this size to be the perfect trade off in terms of size and volume.  It is stainless steel and insulated.   This unit keeps my coffee hot for hours even on the coldest days.

Camo Tape

 I cover the Yankee Hunter THERMOS with this Duck Brand Duct tape.  I use the crap out of this stuff.  It not only does it go on my vacuum bottle but I put it on anything and everything that needs to be camo’ed up for the field such as:  guns, bows, bow accessories, treestands and treestand parts, GoPro and camera accessories…

Blaze Orange Tape

I use the orange tape on anything I want to be seen, or found if lost, in the woods.  I even made a blaze orange hatband for my Miller Hat with it.

Back in ’85 the late great Robert Palmer did a stint with a supergroup aptly named “The Power Station”.  The Power Station featured John and Andy Taylor of Duran Duran as well as drummer Tony Thompson.  Their first  self-titled album did pretty well and did some cool stuff including a unique take on the T. Rex classic Bang A Gong (Get It On).  In my opinion, what made this rendition so cool was Andy Taylor’s short guitar riffs and the killer solos.  I don’t think Andy gets the recognition he deserves as a guitarist but he really killed it on this song.  My brother had The Power Station cassette and it was in heavy rotation on my boom box.

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