First Day of “Dove”

Yankee Hunter pulling up on a doveThe first day of dove season is hailed as the official start to hunting season.

It’s September 1st- the first day of mourning dove season that serves as the official kick off to HUNTING SEASON!   For me, the “first day of dove” is an ice breaker. I also like to think of it as launching pad for the fall/winter hunting season and all that it might bring.  Continue reading First Day of “Dove”

Woodcock Spring Training

The Adventures of Dumb & Dumber (AKA Carrot and Mocha)

I love training my dogs on migrating woodcock in the spring almost as much as actual hunting in the fall.  The pressure is off.  There is no obligation or objective to harvest game.  Also, not having to carry a 45″ long 6-pound gun through the thick cover is a pleasant reprieve. Continue reading Woodcock Spring Training

Rick Welch’s Accuracy Factory

The Rick Welch Accuracy Factory rebuilds traditional archers, one at a time.

IMAG0042On the flight to Little Rock, I could not help but dwell on the comments I read on a popular traditional archery web site about Rick Welch’s shooting school:  “Rick is a great teacher and a super nice guy.”  “I wish I would have done it years ago!”  “I learned more in two days with Rick than I’ve learned in twenty years by myself.” “Best money I’ve ever spent on archery.”  “Best money I’ve ever spent on hunting- PERIOD!” Continue reading Rick Welch’s Accuracy Factory

Worst Rabbit Hunting Video- EVER

This is, in fact, the worst rabbit hunting video on the web.  The best thing about this video is KISS Cold Gin rocking in the background.  Watch as I errantly spray #7 1/2’s into the earth.  Cringe as I flounder a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to double on cotton tails.

*This movie was shot on New Year’s Eve 2014 on a highly productive and top secret rabbit hunting grounds.

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Yankee Hunter



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