Talk Box: Treestand Guitar Gods. Whodunnit Best?

Talking in the treestand is never a good idea but daydreaming in the stand got me thinking.  Of all of the talk box guitar god rockers out there, who did it best?   Read on for Yankee Hunter’s completely unsolicited opinions.

Heil High Powered Talk Box
Photo from

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Smart Deer? Respect, Walk!

Smart Deer?  How smart are deer? A old friend of mine, Gene Failor, recently sent me a link to a forum post on where the question was posed: Will a bedded deer bolt or hunker down and let an approaching hunter Walk on by?

Hunter with a smart deer
This young buck became unnerved and slipped out the backdoor into a Vulgar Display Of Power.

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Richard Blade Is My Fav

Sirius XM’s Richard Blade is my fav. If you’re ever feeling down, try going Under The Blade.  What does Twisted Sister have to do with Richard Blade?  Absolutely nothing.Richard Blade

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Dog Training With Chukars

I train bird dogs.  READ THIS if you don’t want to Train In Vain.

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A Year In The Life

Happy New Year’s Day from Yankee Hunter.

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Young Hunter: Book Review

Young Hunter Book Review

Young Hunter Written by David R. Thompson, is a must-read for an aspiring young hunter or an adult that is raising a hunter.  This book was written for all of the Youth Gone Wild.

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The Cabin

The Cabin: Story Of A Pennsylvania Hunting Camp

In summer of 2009 my wife and I started kicking around the idea of having a cabin of our own in the woods of north central PA.  It would be a hunting cabin and a place for family getaways. In the summer of 2010 our dream became reality. This ain’t Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It’s Cackle Grackle!

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Schnees Pac Boot Review

Schnees Pac Boot Review: I like traditional boots- boots that I break-in, and boots that can rebuilt and worn for years or decades. In other words I’m Hell Bent For Leather.  Schnee’s of Bozeman Montana knows leather.


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Osso Buco At Bear Camp

At bear camp 2015 there was no way I was going to serve TV Dinners at our cabin, so instead I made osso bucoOsso buco in dutch oven Continue reading Osso Buco At Bear Camp

First Lite Brimmed Beanie Review

First Lite Brimmed Beanie Review: First Lite is a company that makes functional clothing that helps hunters carry The Load Out and go farther and Stay (in the field)- just a little bit longer.

BrimmedBeanie ASAT
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