A Year In The Life

Happy New Year’s Day from Yankee Hunter.

Yankee Hunter:  A Year In The Life


As far as I’m concerned, the year really begins in September.  That’s when hunting season starts (me up)!U2 New Years Day


Things really start to ramp up in October, but it’s not quite there, yet.

  • Bow hunting20141013_094825
  • Squirrel huntingFox Squirrel .22


November is “the month” when it all happens.

  • BowhuntingBridger archery buck
  • Small gameNena with pheasant
  • Fall turkeyTurkey foot tag
  • Trapping: Fox, coon, opossum, skunks, muskratsHunter with furs
  • Bear CampBear Camp Dinner


Hunting season climaxes in December with the first day of (deer ) rifle season.

  • Deer hunting (rifle season)Doe with tag
  • TrappingBeaver in trap
  • After-Christmas small gameWinter Rabbit Hunt


Things keep roll’ n in January

  • Friday night winter fly-tying class
  • Late-Season small game: rabbit, squirrel, grouseNena with grouse
  • Fox trappingBedding Trap


It can be tough to stay motivated but there’s still fun to be had.

  • Ice FishingIce Fishing
  • Fly tying


March is muddy.

  • Sucker fishing
  • Rod buildingRod Building


April brings hope and trout season!

  • Trout fishingBrook Trout
  • Turkey scoutingTurkeys in snow


May is for spring gobbler season.

  • Spring gobblersTurkey Beard
  • Trout fishingTrout Stream


June is summer fishing season and groundhog time.

  • Bass fishing
  • Pan fishingPanfish in net
  • Trout fishingRainbow Trout
  • Groundhog huntingGroundhog


July is for water sports.

  • Catching bait
  • Bass fishing
  • Pan fishingPanfish and Busch
  • Snapping TurtlesSnapping Turtle


Hot, sweaty bow practice.

  • Pan fishing
  • Archery practiceArchery Practice
 and repeat

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